Magaw Friendship Sculpture

Bill and Jeanne Magaw, creators of the sculpture which graces the south end of the Friendship Garden interpreted the meaning of their work as two arms in the form of an arc symbolizing friendship with a rose in the middle. Bill and Jeanne refurbished the sculpture in 2015 to make it resemble their original vision for this piece of artwork. Artists Bill and Jeanne Magaw’s quaint small farm and working studio is dotted with playful, peaceful metal sculptures and “wind machines” which are made with their own hands. Their art is totally captivating. It excites the eye and stimulates the senses. The couple welcomes you to their farm to share their creative artwork, which is available for purchase. The Magaws are internationally known and their kinetic sculptures have found their way into gardens, galleries and public places throughout the world.

Magaw Friendship Statue Tall