Many of you may remember that we sent out a survey in 2022 to ask the community their thoughts about the Richmond Rose Garden. Our strategic planning committee along with a few wonderful local consultants took the community’s feedback and created a strategic plan that will jumpstart the Garden into the next 5 years! The first thing we realized is that it was time to revamp our mission statement. As organizations change it is important that they continue to examine their mission to make sure that it is still relevant. We found that ours needed a little tweaking. We are proud to announce to the community that we have a new Mission Statement and Values. Our board is committed to working on our strategic plan that is centered around the mission and values below!

Our Mission

To honor Richmond’s rose legacy with a beautiful environment for all to enjoy.


  • Provide rose education for all generations
  • Foster a love of rose gardening
  • Encourage community use of space
  • Celebrate inclusiveness and diversity through accessibility
  • Honor the commitment of our volunteers