Brick Walkways

After approximately six years of planning and fundraising in October of 2020, our Star Brick walkway project was completed. The walkways were refurbished and restored as the years, weather, and tree roots along the Southeast end had caused the bricks to separate and become uneven making it difficult to stroll along and enjoy the roses. These Star Brick walkways contribute to the uniqueness of the Garden and are noticed by many who visit. Today Richmond has the distinction of having the only All-America Rose Garden with Star Brick walkways. We could not have accomplished this much-needed project without the support of the Richmond community. We hired Decorative Paving to complete the project and they did an amazing job. Now the walkways are smoother and easier to navigate while enjoying the roses. New edge restraints were added to prevent the bricks from separating and becoming uneven. Additionally, a new small walkway was added at the east end of the Garden separating our largest section into two areas. This will make it easier for our volunteers to maintain each smaller area.