Stop and smell the roses! How many times have we heard that saying? Sometimes we just need a break from the hectic world around us. The Richmond Rose Garden offers a wonderful sanctuary to rest, reflect, and surround yourself in the living art of roses in bloom.

Did you know….

  • Over 1,100 rose plants grow in beds that encircle the iconic gazebo. It’s the perfect setting for weddings, graduation pictures, and family reunions!
  • Walkways paved with historic Star Bricks allow you to meander through the Garden on flat surfaces that are accessible for everyone.
  • The annual 1stBLOOM&GLOW event brings the entire community together for an evening of food, fun, music, and glowing hot air balloons!
  • The Richmond Rose Garden operates separately from the Parks Department. It is 100% funded by grants and from contributions from donors like you!
  • The Rose Garden has no paid staff. Dedicated board members and volunteers donate their time and talents. All the funds we raise go toward the purchase of new roses and the maintenance, improvement, and promotion of the Garden for the community.

This year you have the opportunity to participate in the ROSE GARDEN MATCH program. After we raise $7,500.00 we will receive a matching gift of another $7,500.00! Please send your contribution before the end of the year to the Rose Garden Fund at 33 South 7th Street, Richmond, Indiana 47374 or donate online via our website:

Your support is greatly appreciated. You are always welcome to stop and smell the roses.

Kelly VanVleet, Board President

Board Officers: Kelly VanVleet, President • Beth Van Der Burgt, Past President Lisa Burkhardt, Vice President • Kay Koger, Secretary • Jack Buckland, Treasurer
Board Members: Dick Benner, Ann Herrman, Kay Koger, Connie Reeve, Carvin L. Rinehart, Elaine Tiernan, Ann White
Lifetime Members: Mike Devine, Kathy Lucid